ACTide eClinical Ecosystem and Data Management Solution

The ACTide ecosystem is designed to transform the way you conduct clinical trials,  while making each user’s activities and tasks easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

The ACTide Designer, the ACTide eCRF are the core of the solution, allowing you to design, manage and execute your clinical study from scratch. From there, pick and choose from a range of fully integrated modules – each specially developed to simplify and boost a particular aspect of your trial.

The seamless integration of the ACTide modules allows you to move fluidly between the applications within the solution, and when combined they provide real value to your clinical trials.

The Core


ACTide Designer

The Modules



ACTide CRA Tools

ACTide Data
Tools & Services

ACTide Safety Tools

ACTide Project Management Tools



Easy to use, easy to implement. CROs can reduce the time spent on building and managing studies. Built, not assembled. Our modular eClinical ecosystem, with built-in Electronic Data Capture, allows CROs to reduce the number of tools needed to start a clinical trial. Technology first, research always. Our ACTide® platform gives CROs the freedom and flexibility to work, maximising the chances of study success. We are committed to supporting your operational, technology and sales teams so that they are comfortable using ACTide® to satisfy your Sponsors.
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Electronic Data Capture (EDC) for Pharmaceuticals.
Dynamically build and deploy Clinical Trials that leverage data from any source on our platform. Efficiently manage data for your trials and registries on the top-rated electronic data capture system.

  • Get started quickly.
  • Ensure high-quality data.
  • Capture data from multiple sources.
  • Efficiently run multicenter trials.
  • Get ready for submission.
  • Enable real-time reporting.
  • Easily export and analyze your data.

Medical Devices

Navigate Medical Device with Ease.
No matter your level of expertise, ACTide eClinical ecosystem allows medical device to build a technology foundation that meets varying study and regulatory needs.

  • Powerful solutions for medical device clinical trials.
  • Collect and exchange data in easy way.
  • Navigate varying regulatory needs with a single compliant platform.
  • Make amendments to research protocols with ease.

Animal Health

The first EDC For Animal Health.
ACTide Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system power companion and farm animal research for almost every major animal health company. 
We work with veterinary clinics and production farms, across a variety of species, on studies and registries in all stages of the research process.

  • Accelerating Companion Animal Research.
  • An End-to-End Research Platform.
  • Establishing Consistent Processes Across All Research.
  • Extensive Species Experience.
  • Tailored Solutions for Animal Health.

Non profit

One Clinical Trial Management System to power people, processes, and progress.
ACTide support Non Profit organizations to adapt, simplify, scale, and accelerate your Clinical Trials, from protocol design, to study startup, conduct, and close-out. 

  • The ACTide ecosystem enables your studies with cloud-based, modular, configurable capabilities.
  • ACTide ensure you have the capabilities you need to address the specific needs of each protocol.
  • Nubilaria understands that Non Profit Clinical Trials present unique challenges, such as financing, logistics, and resource allocation. 
  • Nubilaria has earned the trust of the Non Profit Clinical Trials community over many years, securing long-term relationships with not-for-profit organizations.

Computer System Validation

Electronic systems are increasingly used in clinical market. To comply with
regulations, these systems must undergo validation testing to ensure they are fit for purpose.
Healthcare facilities can rely on Nubilaria’s Validation as a Service (VaaS), a
computer system validation service specifically designed for the clinical setting.
Nubilaria’s VaaS offers an efficient process that allows healthcare facilities to comply
with validation regulations, streamline the validation process and focus on delivering
quality care to their patients.


We aim to consider our customers more as partners than simple buyers of our solutions and settle a flexible collaborative approach.
We give them the freedom to choose the level of involvement in the implementation of the projects and the workflow’s management.

  • Self Configuration
  • Any In-Between Approach
  • Full Service by Nubilaria

eCRF Self-Configuration

ACTide flexible workflow gives your project-managers unlimited freedom to design and configure your eCRF.
It helps create validation rules, manage users and sites. You can define and set normal ranges for laboratory data, preview your draft at any time to have a working environment to show to your customers.

Intermediate Tactical Choices

Rely on the ACTide® Team for complex or critical tasks and use your staff for the rest. You decide the balance between internal and external effort to match your budget requirements and your production pipeline.

Full Service by Nubilaria

Fully delegate to the experienced ACTide Team staff the task of building and validating your eCRF and see the magic happen. Focus your team on your core duties and tasks and let the ACTide Team to complete your eCRF fully compliant with project requirements.

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